Social-Emotional Development

By Mirandia McDonlad


Its how strong the baby cries.

Activity patterns are part of child's temperament

How involved baby is.

Tendency to feel distressed.


Connection between baby and people close.

Usually between a small group of people.

Normal to cry when leaving mom.

shows they care for you.

They will give you special attention.

Changes in your baby

Changes over time

Newborns have no emotion.

May show excitement.

No tears when they cry.

Three months they smile at people.

Still cry in distress.

Tears begin to appear.

Six /twelve they make noise in response.

May cry at sight of stranger.

Time most difficult for you and baby.

Twelve/twenty four show anxiety and separation anxiety.

Upset for things they think will happen.

Will want to explore.

Take interest in other babies.