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What is Magnifier?

The Magnifier is an ease of access tool found on Windows computers. The Magnifier allows users to magnify, or enlarge, what is being displayed on a computer screen. Using three modes, users can enlarge the full computer screen, or choose a given area to be enlarged.

How do I Use the Magnifier?

Turning on and using the Magnifier is very easy. To change the settings for this tool manually, follow the simple steps in the video below to start using Magnifier on your Windows PC.

There are also many shortcuts that make using the Magnifier even faster and easier. In the second video, you can learn about many of the exciting features that can be used to access the Magnifier and use it in a faster, more convenient way.
Windows® 7: Turn Magnifier on and off
Windows 7 magnifier

Using the Magnifier in the Classroom

The Windows Magnifier allows students with mild visual impairments to interact with technology and participate in a regular education classroom. Before this technology, students with visual impairments were likely not able to interact with their typical peers in a general education classroom and often placed in a more restrictive environment.
There are a number of ways this tool could be used in the classroom to assist visually impaired students. I have listed several below:

  • SMART Presentations and Power Points. In the past, a student with visual impairments would not be able to participate in interactive presentations/technology in the classroom because they would not be able to see the presentation. With the Magnifier, a teacher could supply the student with a digital version of the presentation and allow the student to magnify the presentation on their own personal computer. This would allow the student to actively participate in the presentation.
  • Using a Computer. Having a visual impairments makes using a computer very difficult. Students use computer very frequently in schools to conduct research and enhance their educational process. Because of the Magnifier, a student with visual impairments does not need to be excluded from this type of activity any more. This type of student will be able to conduct research and search the Internet.


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