Math Dept. Monthly

December 2015

The Big Stuff

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break and got some well-deserved rest over the long weekend.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful comments, suggestions, and questions on the math course descriptions and prerequisites. I've added everyone's comments to one document, and I've placed a copy of this in your mailbox. Please review it so we can discuss it during the in-service or our department meeting. It seems that we all feel the same about the 'PARCC' course titles. Please give some thought to new names for those courses. I look forward to finalizing the descriptions and prerequisites and tackling other issues as a department.

As always, December looks to be a very busy month for everyone (see Upcoming Events below). We have a half-day in-service, a visit from the Texas Instruments rep, and many school functions.

If you have any items you would like discussed at this month's department meeting (12/16 @ 7:40AM in C205), please click HERE to add your item to the agenda.

I hope you all have a great December. If you need anything, please let me know.



Upcoming Events

For this month, we have the following:

  • December 4th (Fri) - Honor Roll Luncheon
  • December 4th (Fri) - Winter Ball @ Nicolosi's Catering
  • December 5th (Sat) - SATs @ Audubon High School
  • December 8th (Tue) - Winter Band Concert
  • December 9th (Wed) - Half Day In-Service
  • December 9th (Wed) - Post Grades for Progress Reports by 6PM
  • December 9th (Wed) - Fall Sports Awards Ceremony
  • December 11th (Fri) - Progress Reports Distributed (Online)
  • December 11th (Fri) - Winter Choral Concert
  • December 15th (Tue) - School Choice Lottery
  • December 15th (Tue) - Meet the Coaches (Winter Sports)
  • December 16th (Wed) - Math Department Meeting (C205) @ 7:45AM
  • December 16th (Wed) - Board of Education Meeting
  • December 17th (Thu) - AHS Faculty Meeting
  • December 23rd (Wed) - Half Day Before Winter Break
  • December 24th (Thu) to January 3rd (Sun) - Winter Break

Getting Kids to Love Math

I read an interesting blog posting written by Gerald Aungst ( about getting kids to love math. I have copied and pasted Number 6 below (Click HERE for the entire piece.).

Be OK With Mistakes

In a recent article in Time, mathematics professor Jordan Ellenberg talked about how important trial and error are in real mathematics, and how we need to bring it back into math instruction. Mistakes are important, and we need to let kids make lots of them. They will gain much more by recovering from a mistake than they ever will by getting things right the first time.

Book of the Month

Amazon Review - “This book is for all educators. If you have not started down the path of becoming a connected educator this is a perfect place to start. It outlines what you need to focus on and how to grow your PLN. If you have been at it a while, as I have, this was a great read to help me refocus my energy where it needs to be.”