Bully Time

Use your Brain! Being a Bully won't Gain!

Types of Bullying

Cyber Bullying: online or electronically, someone sends mean texts or does something to hurt you over a period of time.

Physical Bullying: Pushing or hitting.

Physiological: Being stared at, stalked or made to feel intimidated.

Social Bullying: Being ignored, left out or having rumors spread about you.

Verbal Bullying: Consistent teasing and name calling (can also include making rude comments or gestures)

The effects of Bullying on an adolescents Phisical, Social and Mental Health

Health resources aimed at supporting victims of Bullying

Strategies for coping with Bullying

Recommended websites To Help You

Famous people who have been Bullied!

You don't have to be pretty, smart, rich, talented or famous anyone can get BULLIED!