Beech Class

Week of December 14

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We have school Monday, December 21 and return to school Monday, January 4!

We had a super-busy week! We were so busy, we didn't have time most days to write the kids' notes about what had happened. So sadly, no notes from the kids this week.

We celebrated December birthdays and one November birthday on Friday. Serenity, Cole, Vega, and Allysah made pizza for the whole class, with some help from grown-ups. We even had a Rock & Roll show during the birthday celebration, added onto our schedule by the kids! Find video of the show down below!

The kids were so excited to bring their book baggies home, and we loved getting positive feedback from you! Enjoy reading the books each night, but please send them back every day, because we also use them in school! This week we practiced using the picture to figure out the words, saying one word for each word on the page, and pointing under (not on top of) words.

Enjoy highlights of our week!


Rasha and Madeleine

We took a short trip to Bien Cuit bakery on Tuesday. We brought along a list of questions kids had about the work of bakers. We learned that we can learn more about a topic by conducting an interview with an expert and/or visiting a special place. We learned that some of the bakers start work at midnight! They receive 50 pound bags of flour directly from the mill. Bakers become experts on bread by attending culinary school or through apprenticeships where they learn from expert bakers. Children also learned that although bakers do not make play dough, they do sometimes make shapes like flowers out of bread dough! Bien Cuit gave us some lovely loaves to sample when we returned to school!

Our collage bakery mural was a joint effort by the whole class, inspired by our trip to Bien Cuit! Thanks to Chelsea, Natascha (Jagger's mom), and Corinne (Magnolia's mom) for joining us!

Baking Bread

We baked two loaves of bread early in the week. The kids watched each step of the process, taking a close look at the yeast and the dough. They noticed how much the bread rose and sampled the baked bread after rest time.

Later in the week, we did observational drawings of single wheat berries, using magnifying glasses. Then we ground wheat berries into flour using a pepper mill! The class-made flour went into the birthday celebration pizza!

We sampled many new breads including a banana bread with chocolate chips, Bulgarian pogacha, Irish soda bread, European sunflower seed bread, a Middle Eastern laffa bread with hummous and butter, and another crusty loaf.

At home: Ask what your child knows about how to make bread. What are the ingredients? How is flour made? What does a baker do with the ingredients to make them into bread? And, if you have the time and inclination, make some bread at home!

Math - Compare card game and Longer/Shorter

Early in the week, children did a hunt around the room for objects longer or shorter than a stick of 10 Unifix cubes.

This week children also worked on shuffling and dealing their number cards. Then they played Compare (instructions below). Compare is a fun card game that offers practice reading numbers and comparing them. It also allows kids to use the mathematical vocabulary of more and less, and helps children practice turn-taking and the challenging skills of shuffling, dealing an straightening out the cards!

Kids who were comfortable with Compare and needed an additional challenge played Double Compare, where they turned two cards at a time and added them before comparing totals.

At home:

Play Compare. (You may have played a similar card game called War or I Declare War.)

Your child will likely be able to teach you or a sibling/friend how to play. These directions are just for clarification, if needed!

  • Shuffle and deal the cards equally to all players. (If you're using a regular deck of playing cards, you may want to remove face cards.) Players place their cards in a pile, face down.
  • Each player turns over one card.
  • Whoever has the highest number says, "I have more" and takes the cards for that round. Those cards get placed at the bottom of the player's pile, face down.
  • If two players end up with the same high card, they turn over another card and the higher card takes all.

Wood Sculpture with Studio Sara

Children used paper to add color to their wood sculptures this week. Work from Studio in a School is on display now, in the hall. Come check it out!


Dealing cards
Meow Meow Chorus
Beech Class Blocks Rock Show!