LunchBox Kids Wins

Good Housekeeping 2014 Toy Award

Bio of Game Play

The award winning LunchBox Kids activity health & fitness board game is - the first of it's kind! Patented, and recommended by Teachers and Fitness Professionals! Become the "Coach of the GAME"! Go to school with Junk Food Boy "Littles Kent", Junk Food Girl "Lizzy Love" and the funny characters of LunchBox Kids! Move your pawn around the board and try to earn Healthy Golden Lunch Tickets by answering the Pop Quiz questions correctly from categories such as; Cafeteria "food and fitness awareness", Science Lab "difficult", Library "healthy research", and Cool Facts "interesting, funny, unique"! But watch out for spaces like "Roofus ate your homework" or "missed the bus...go back home". Don't land on "Couch Potato" or you will have to roll Lemons with the food dice to get out. If you don't roll lemons everyone will have to stand up and jog in place for 20 counts to help you get OFF the COUCH and back in the game! Don't get caught sleeping in class or you must go visit "Cap'n Olive" the Principal...he will take your Golden Tickets AWAY! Try your LUCK pulling a "Snack Card", but Watch Out... if it is an unhealthy snack you advance to Nurse "Cindy", where you must roll an Apple with the food dice or do an Exercise Challenge to get out! Maybe you will get LUCKY and pull a healthy "Snack Card" to trade in with a "Get Fit Challenge Card" for a Healthy Golden Lunch Ticket. You will laugh yourself silly when your opponent lands on your front yard space and must complete your yard's exercise challenge.....Frog Jumps, Jumping Jacks, Push-Ups or Abdominal Crunches! With so much Fun and Action you won't even realize that you just learned what a whole food is and which foods are the best choices for a "Healthy LunchBox Kids Lifestyle"! So have Fun with the Best Fitness Board Game LunchBox Kids! Made in the USA with recycled materials!
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