Visit Lego City!

Home of Christianson Co.

Hot Spots

Lego City's buildings

Our large brown hospital hosts the best medical attention around. This rectangular prisim has 12 edges, six faces, and eight verticies, and includes a small, square parking lot. Now, if you look across Lego Lane, you will come across the original Christianson and Company building. In case you didn't know, Ole Kirk Christianson is the inventor of Legos!!! This building, has the exact same number of faces, edges, and vertices as the main office building across the street and the hospital! We also have a log cabin in the rocky mountains. The roof is a triangular prisim with five faces, six verticies, and eight edges while we have yet another rectangular prisim as the body of the cabin! Don't forget to take a trip in the Lego Airlines Privite Jet in the airport!


Our main road, Lego Lane, runs through both Brick Lane and Christianson Street, Making a total of eight right angles. Set Street makes an intersecing line through all three streets I have mentioned before, which makes a total of four acute and obtuse angles!

2-D Shapes

In Lego City, there are four 2 dimensional objects lying around. First, we have a pentagon shaped baseball diamond in the park. Second of all, the marina between Christianson Street and Brick Lane has water in the shape of a square. Third, we have a rectangle shaped boat dock sitting in the water, and lastly there is a hole in the ground in the shape of a rhombus by the log cabin, the perfect size for a get away car to crash into. Looks like this crook met his downfall!


In the midst of our park, next to a baseball diamond in the shape of a pentagon, a cylinder water tower, (two faces, 0 edges, 0 verticies) with a sphere, (0 of all 3!) on top and a square pyrimid,(five verticies, 5 faces, and eight edges)is a REFLECTION. The reflection is made by two war solders looking at each other and saluting.The next transformation, a ROTATION, is by the airport. It shows two stretch limos turned like a doornob!