The Million Dollar Throw

Richie Mahoney

Always Try Your Best


Nate is a great quarterback as you heard before but later in the story he will have some problems in his performance such as him being benched by his coach and him losing every single game he had so far.This all happened when all of his problems and stress kept on piling on until it affected his game. A problem he is having is the stress that his family is going to lose there house. His families house has been on the market for a long time but no one is going to buy it. So that means Nates mom had to take aother job when she already had one. Nates friend Abby is going into the procces of going blind. She also needs to go to a special school where blind people need to go to. Nate is afraid of losing Abby so he is trying all his best not to get Abby to the special needy school.


Valley ,Massachusetts. A beutiful place.   
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Abby has very bad eye sight and she cant pay for docters to fix them so when nate wins the million dollars he pays for Abby to get her sight back to normal. A situation that they need to win the million dollar throw. Mike wants to have a family with some money. He is also trying to get abbys sight back by throwing the football and winning the million dollar throw. Nate is trying to lead his team to victory and maybe a jackpot for a million dollars. Finally he goes and throws the football and wins. he pays to get abbys eye sight back.


Nate is a 13 year old and is a huge fan of Tom brady. He gets a autograph and when he   won a chance he had never dreamed of. He had to throw a pass in the patriots stadium to win a million dollars. He is trying to win for Abby and his family because Abby just lost her sight and recently lost his job.


Abby has is losing her sight and she is going blind. Her bestfriend nate is a quarterback and is going to try to win a million dollars. Abby is the main character in this story. Abbby knows she is going to go watch Nate win the million dollar throw and the patriots stadium. She sees that Nate is very nervous, she is also very nervous finally nate throws the ball and...... You have to read the book to find out more.

About The Author

Mike Lupica was born in 1952. Mike Lupica lives in New Canaan, Connecticut with his wife, Taylor, their daughter and three sons. Lupica is also on ESPN's Sunday morning show, "The Sports Reporters."  He has written several novels: Dead air, Extra Credits, Limited Partner Jump, Full course press, bump and run, a satire about the world of professional football 


 1. Always try your best and never give up.    2. Never give up, do what you want to do.   3. Losing a bestfriend is like losing a dog.