starts at the very beginning

Free guitar lesson

Free guitar lesson starts at the very beginning

There are of course, many ways to learn the guitar. Guitar lesson starts at the very beginning and offers you advise about the very first steps that need to be taken (like buying an instrument) and what to expect on this fun and rewarding (and sometimes frustrating) journey that is learning to play the guitar. This free guitar lesson course is design in a well structured, enjoyable and motivating way that will have develop anyone playing songs in as shorter time as possible. We have to read the whole method even if we think we know something already. Make sure we leave no gaps in our knowledge by just watching or reading through all the lessons. We may find a few little nuggets of knowledge that help put it all together for us.

Guitar lesson basics

Knowledge about different parts of the guitar:

It is important for us as a beginner guitar player to learn the proper names for the parts of the guitar. When we talk to other musicians or people that work at music stores it is important for us to be able to communicate with them about the guitar in a proper manner.

Some important parts of a guitar are described below:

Headstock – If you are right handed and holding your guitar, the headstock is the part of the guitar to the far left that holds the tuning pegs.

Tuning Pegs – The tuning pegs are the devices that the strings are wrapped around. They not only hold the strings, but they are also used to tune the strings. Usually WE will have 3 tuning pegs on each side of the headstock. Some guitars have all six tuning pegs on one side of the headstock.

Nut – The nut of the guitar is the part of the guitar that guides and holds the strings in place right before they get to the headstock. Usually the nut is made of plastic, bone, graphite or metal.

Neck – The neck of the guitar is the entire part of the guitar from the headstock up to the body of the guitar. The neck is where our fretboard is located.

Fretboard – The fretboard is the part of our guitar that holds the frets in place. Most of the time, the fretboard is another piece of wood glued on to the neck. The fretboard is usually made of rosewood, maple, or ebony.

Frets – The frets of the guitar are the metal strips that run vertically on our fretboard. Frets are usually made of nickel or stainless steel.

Body – If we are holding our guitar, the main part to the right is called the body of the guitar. Guitar bodies come in all different shapes and sizes.

Bridge – The Bridge of the guitar is the part that holds the strings on to the body of the guitar. On an acoustic guitar the bridge is usually made of rosewood or ebony.

Nobody likes to crawl around, but everybody had to learn to crawl before they could walk, and walk before they could run. This is the same thing. Free guitar lessons will teach us to crawl. Then once we can crawl we can start to learn to walk.

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