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Art Display

For your enjoyment during conferences you will be able to see many students artwork displayed in the hallways. Most students left a piece at the end of last school year to help decorate the halls.


Please check out our school gallery at the following link. http://www.artsonia.com/schools/school.asp?id=1474

Please let me know if you need help with viewing your child's account.


Each month students in grades 1-5 will receive a ticket to guess the name of the artist on our Mystery Artist Board. Last month's winner was Lucy O'Donnell! Below are the clues to this month's Mystery Artist:

  • This Italian Renaissance artist was born in 1452 in Anchiano, Florence.
  • Studied the human body, sculpture, and mechanical arts.
  • Several of his sketch books are on display in the Vatican in Rome. They are noted for being written backward and require a mirror to be read.
  • After painting for five years under the Medici Family, moved to France to work under King Francis 1 in 1516.
  • Created such works as:
  1. Study of Proportions (Virtuvius Man)
  2. The Last Supper
  3. Mona Lisa
  4. Sketch for a flying machine

  • Died in 1519 in Cloux, France

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What are we doing??????

Kdg.- Just finished their Aboriginal hands. They learned about art from Australia and how to use lines and patterns. We are currently beginning to learn about the color wheel.

1st Grade- Students are working on create patterns using lines and shapes. They are then using filling their patterns in focusing on positive and negative space.

2nd Grade- Finished making their night sky using values. They learned how to combine lines to make a tree and mixed tints of their choice of color to add leaves. We are currently looking at the "Starry Night" created by Vincent VanGogh and creating a similar sky.

3rd Grade- Students completed a gem using tints and shades to give the appearance of dimension. We are beginning a new lesson on George Rodrigue that will continue or understanding of values.

4th Grade- Students are applying lines, patterns, values and the illusion of space to create an Optical Illusion.

5th Grade- Students have used IPads to create an Avatar to look like themselves. Using a grid like the artist Chuck Close, students are enlarging their Avatar onto cardboard.