Growth Of Japanese Culture

A Golden Age Of Literature and Drama -By Haley Smith

Japanese Writing Systems

Japan started using the Chinese writing system and characters to create Japanese words. They had words for actions, ideas, objects, and later syllables and letters. In present day Japan they still use characters and letters that were influenced by the Chinese and was related to the Korean writing system.

Japanese Writing

Kunii Takezaki - 8 Ranked (Hatchi Dan) Master Teacher - Japanese Calligraphy presentation

Japanese Drama

The Tale Of Genji

Early in the 800s, some Japanese leaders thought they had adopted enough traditions and cultures from the Chinese. Japan ventured a little from the Chinese culture and created a Japanese literature. One famous author named Lady Murasaki Shikibu wrote a book called The Tale Of Genji. It is a realistic story centered around one person. This helped the development of Japanese literature.

Japanese Poetry

Japanese poems were often about the sadness of rejected love and the beauty of nature. Poems were very short, such as one type of Japanese poetry called the Haiku. A Haiku consisted of five syllables, seven syllables, and then five syllables. Matsuo Basho was a wonderful Haiku poet.

ESSENTIAL QUESTION- What is unique about Japanese literature and drama?

REVIEW- What new forms of literature and drama did the Japanese develop?