The Original Olympics

By: Sam Torno

Origin of the Games

The games were a tribute to all Gods of lived on Mount Olympus supposedly started by Hercules. They were held in Olympia at the base of Mount Olympus "Olympics".

The Spectors

People from all over Greece to watch the Olympics. All of the city-states would declare a truce so people could safely travel to visit the games. Any social class could attend and un-married women could attend but not married women. Lower class people would stay in tents while the rich stayed in hotels. The stadium could hold 50,000 people and at the end their was a giant banquet.

Famous Olympians

Ancient Games Compared to Modern Games

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The Athletes

Only males could be athletes but it could be any male. It didn't matter if you were a farmer or a noble anyone could compete. To compete your city-state had to nominate you to compete against one person from every city-state.


Pankration was the intense boxing wrestling cross over if very few rules. The only rules were that the winner won after the opponent was knocked out, and you couldn't attack their eyeballs. Although people still went for eyeballs and no one cared. Also if a person was on the ground but not unconscious they could still be attacked.

Why the Olympics were Cancelled

In 393 A.D. pope Theodosius I thought the games were pagan and against God so he banned the games.

The Games' Return

In 1896 the first modern Olympics were held after Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France inspired leaders to form the I.O.C. and restart the Olympics.