Latin America Road Trip

Bahamas, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Peru

Nassau, The Bahamas

Northeast of capital
Physical Features: Cable Beach, National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
Human Features: Queen's Staircase, Dixon Hill Lighthouse
Modification: Fiberglass yacht repair
Accommodation: Wear shorts mostly year round
Government: Tourism + Finance
Movement: Beaches + Seafood
Culture: Christian religion, Tertiary Associate can be found at the University of Bahamas, lives in beach type homes, people eat mostly seafood and tropical fruit

Kingston, Jamaica

East of the capital
Physical Features: Mountains, Harbors + Bays
Human Features: Marriott Hotel, Rose Hall Great House
Modification: Waterpipe Contract
Accommodation: Needs to wear rain boots year round
Government: Tourism Services
Movement: Blue Mountains, Lime Cay Beach
Culture: National Stadium Pool, people eat mostly seafood + meat, 64% Christian-62% Protestant, donating to homeless people to live in nice homes as shelter

San Jose, Costa Rica

Northwest of the capital
Physical Features: National Parks, Cerro Chirripo (mountain)
Human Features: Sky Walk Bridge, Lake Arenal Dam
Modification: Lake Arenal Dam
Accommodation: Needs umbrellas for the muggy + rainy year
Government: Tax Collection
Movement: Tropical Rainforests, Tobacco
Culture: English + Creole is the official language, Catholic religion, people eat mostly black beans, rice, fruit, veggies, dairy, The Springs Resort + Spa "Costa Rica's finest hotel"

Lima, Peru

West of the capital
Physical Features: Flat terrain, valleys + rivers
Human Features: Museum of National Art, Walls of Lima
Modification: Machu Picchu
Accommodation: Chilly around the 70's, needs warmer clothes
Government: Finance
Movement: Potatoes + Alpacas
Culture: Official language is English, Roman Catholic religion, people eat mostly nuts + Peruvian dishes, higher education is available from private + public technical collages and universities