Jackson, the President of Disaster

Grace Cutler Period 5

Spoils System

A spoils system is a system that gives Jackson's free jobs involved with the government. Jackson used a spoils system to gain his people's trust/loyalty. His people encouraged this spoils system because the people could easily get a job if they helped Jackson with the election. But people disliked it because the "smart" people didn't want random people running the government.

Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act allowed the U.S. government to "exchange" land with the Natives. But, the Natives didn't know that the land they were receiving was less desirable, and was west of the Mississippi. Andrew Jackson then made this a law because it gave him more money and opportunities. This soon led to the "Trail of Tears".

"Trail of Tears"

The Cherokee tribe was being kicked out of their home by the U.S. government. Only because the government wanted more land, because that would give them more money (Andrew Jackson). The land that the government took from the Cherokee was considered the Cherokee's country.The Cherokee were replaced in Oklahoma.

Politcal Cartoon

In this political cartoon it shows all the states attacking Jackson because he killed the national bank. They were "attacking" him because the national bank was the way of trading between states. And without trade pretty much the people would be left with nothing. Andrew Jackson vetoed the national bank.

Letter's to the Editor

Cherokee Indian- As a Cherokee I am not very happy with happy with Jackson. He has done no good for us, all he ever does is take away from us. For example, he took all of our land away and made us move to Oklahoma. He even made a law about to make sure it was "his land", this law was the Indian Removal Act. We Natives had no reason to fight back, because we already knew he'd win, so we went along and moved to Oklahoma.

Southerner- Jackson is us Southerners hero! He gave so much to us, he gave us land to live on and grow on. I couldn't thank him more for all he has done, getting more land to grow on is great for trading and gaining money! He also gave all us non-qualified people jobs!!