Hugo Chávez (Venezuela)

By Kristen Campbell


Hugo Chavez ( Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías) was born on July 28, 1954 in Sabaneta, Venezuela and died on March 5 , 2013 in Caracas, Venezuela. Before Chávez began his political position of being President of Venezuela, he joined the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences and graduated in 1975 with a military and arts degree. He eventually became a Democratic socialist career military officer who began his political career with an attempted coup in 1992. When he had engaged in the coup, it eventually became a failed coup attempt of overthrowing the Government of Carlos Andres Perez. He was caught and he was put in prison for a sentenced of two years. After the failed coup attempt, Chávez had started the Movement of the Fifth Republic, which was a revolutionary political party. He had promised his country of Venezuela of going against government corruption and and to improve on economic reforms. Chávez later on had served as president of Venezuela in 1999. Chávez had set out to change the Venezuelan constitution by amending the powers of congress and the judicial system. When the new constitution had made changes, the country's name had been changed to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. As president of Venezuela, Chávez had faced many conflicts and problems during his presidency. In 2002, Chávez had focused his efforts on gaining control of the state-run oil company, which stirred controversy and led to protests. This lead to strained relationships with the United States and other nations. Chávez had been removed briefly from office and of his reign of power. In April of 2002, Chávez was back in power by some military leaders. He had continued on to be president of Venezuela until his death of cancer overpowered him and died in 2013 in Venezuela.

Visual Analysis

This clip from YouTube is from a Fox News newscast and it’s about how Hugo Chávez

became the President of Venezuela. It provides some brief background information on how he was a part of the Venezuelan military, how he became president of Venezuela, and how he was ill from cancer which lead to his death in 2013. Chávez was said to have been one with the poor class in Venezuela. In the clip from Fox News, there are shots of him greeting hundreds of Venezuelans such as him lifting up a small boy. Other shots of him were also him doing the salute pose when he was involved with the Venezuelan Government, him signing the new constitution that put many Venezuelans to protest against him which led him to his two year absence from political office. The end of this clip also mentioned that had wanted to become a baseball player before he had actually became president, Chávez had cancer, which lead him to having a short life span of an age of 59 years old.

Creative Piece Journal Entry

Dear Journal,

Today was another great day of visiting the poor class on the street just for me.

I have decided that if I can keep up with having a much longer term in office, I will be unstoppable and the people will have to keep voting for me for future presidential elections. I secretly love having people adore me as their leader and I intend to keep it that way. Although I do have to say a couple of things; do my people secretly hate me for ruling them for such a long time? What if they are just pretending to like me so that the economy want go corrupt? Ah, what am I saying, that won't happen for a while. Anyway, I have another parade with the locals who are waiting for me to greet them.


Essential Question: Was Chávez a positive inspiration to the country of Venezuela or did he have a negative impact on Venezuela during his reign of Presidency?


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