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City Schools Career Pathways

Are you interested in learning about the Career Pathways, particularly the "Accelerated Pathway" movement process? Are you currently on the Standard Pathway and interested in learning how to move to the Professional Pathway? Do you know where to find your pathway placement and Achievement Unit (AU) status in the Employee Self Service system?

Keep reading to find out answers to these questions and more!

JGP, Pathways, AUs. Oh My!

Are you often confused by these terms and the various Career Pathways? If you're interested in learning more about the BTU contract, Career Pathways, the Accelerated Pathway movement and AUs, then take a look at this short, 20 minute presentation by the JGP. Be sure to watch it in "presentation" mode so you don't miss any details!

The pre-reading summarizes the creation of the landmark contract and explains important terms and key concepts. It's a page turner, so be sure to give it a close reading before diving into the presentation.

Questions about the pathways? Email the JGP!

City Schools Inside

City Schools Inside (CSI) is a one-stop-shop for all your City Schools information needs. If you have questions about anything district related, ask yourself: "Did I check City Schools Inside (CSI)?"

Bonus: The site is searchable! Have questions about SLOs? Search for "Student Learning Objectives" or "SLOs". You can also search for topics using any search engine by including "City Schools Inside" before your search topic. Done! Information at your fingertips when you want it.

Here are a few topics and links to get you started:

Don't forget to regularly check the Bulletin Board for updates, too!

To get the most out of CSI:

  • Use the "search" feature for topics
  • Click on links in the text and in the left navigation pane
  • Read, read, read

Happy exploring!

How do I find out my current career pathway? How do I see how many AUs I've earned?

The answer: Employee Self Service.

Once you log in (remember: your password is unique to this site), follow the steps below based on the information for which you're looking.

  • Career Pathway & AUs. To find your Career Pathway and AUs, follow these steps from the Main Menu navigation pane: Employee Career Pathway folder link > Career Pathway Profile link. Please note: your Career Pathway will be correct; however, your career "interval" may not be up-to-date. HC is in the process of updating this information.

  • PD Courses and Learning History. Follow these steps from the Main Menu navigation pane: Employee Self Service folder link > Employee Self Service folder link (yes, twice) > Learning History link. From the Employee Self Service (2nd folder) link, you can also: update your personal information, check your earnings statements, and so much more!

  • Interested in Registering for a PD Course? Follow these steps from the Main Menu navigation pane: Professional Growth System (PGS) folder link > Learning link > Learner Home link. Once you're in PGS, you can key word search for a specific PD or search by category.

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