Digital Citizenship Project

Pierce M. P.4

Rule 1: Digital Etiquette

Respect on the Internet. Don't disrespect someone on the internet cause its just like real life but on a video game.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Don't give out personal information. If you give out personal information you can get spam and a identity thief can hack and get your personal information.

Rule 3: Social Networking

Keep your social networking profiles and everything online safe and personal. Don't give anyone your social media passwords or anything personal out because you can get hacked or stalked.

Rule 4: Online Safety

Don't trust anyone online that you don't know in real life. Keep all personal information safe from others or you can be traced by anyone on the internet.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Don't fight back if you get cyberbullied. Don't fight back if you get cyberbullied because it plays you into there hands and they only want a reaction out of you so fighting back would be better for them. And tell an adult cause they can help a lot.

Rule 6: Plagiarism

Don't steal someone else's work. If you steal someone else's work it's bad also illegal. When a teacher gives you a F on a assignment because you copied and pasted or plagiarizing that's because she wants to see how well you know the material and how well you can put into your on words.

Rule 7: Copyright

Don't use someone's work without permission unless the thing your trying to use has no copyright. don't copy and paste a picture, document or even website until you know you can use it, and cite it

Digital Citizenship

What is digital citizenship? Digital citizenship is a bunch of different techniques to help you be safe online.