Analysis in Science

Made by: Sarah and Audrey

Main Idea

The main idea of this chapter is about change and how you recognize, record, observe and analyze it.

The Introduction

You can make observations about change. Change is everywhere around you.

How do you record change?

A You change things

B You videotape random stuff

C You watch change happen and record it

D You invent a machine

Recognizing and Describing Change

Change happens whenever, wherever and it's our job to observe and analyze it. When scientists recognize change they describe it. You can describe change in any way, with numbers, words, and pictures. You can also compare change.

What is change?

A When something becomes different

B something that happens over time
C When people cut their hair
D When something becomes better

A Example of Changing Things

Above are pictures of Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park. A geyser is a hot spring that shoots water up. I want you to list the things that are different or things that changed when Old Faithful sprayed water up.

Changes To The Natural World

People, animals and the world are changing as we know it. People, animals and the world have been changing over the past eons.

How do red foxes adapt to food change?

A They eat other foxes
B They eat birds
C They eat fruit and insects
D They change what they eat


-Observation An observation is something you notice. You use your senses to make observations.

-Analyze When you analyze something, you study it closely.

Short Answer Questions

How do leaves change over time?

How does the change in the environment, caused by us, effect other animals?