Box Top Collection

Clip and raise money for TFCA!

It's Easy To Help!

Clipping Box Tops and Labels for Education helps support the school! Simply purchase items you normally use, clip the clearly-marked Box Tops 4 Education or Labels for Education UPCs, and turn them in to the school!

How Does This Help TFCA?

Clipping and sending in Box Tops and Labels helps because each UPC (Box Top or Label) is worth a set amount of money. Every month we send in a box and the school receives a check for the payout!

How Do I Send Them In?

So that your child's class gets "credit" for the box tops or labels (classes who turn in the most or have the most class participation that month get a prize!), put the box tops in a plastic baggie labeled with your child's name and teacher. You can send it in your child's backpack or at the box in the TFCA front office!