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Spotlight on Literacy: Fluency

Dear Neshaminy Families,

Neshaminy Title I Spotlight on Literacy is a series of on demand mini workshops that are available anytime, anywhere. They provide families with background knowledge, strategies and resources to support learners at home with reading and related areas. Each issue will focus on a specific area of literacy. You will learn:

  • the term definition
  • how or why it is important as it relates to reading
  • activities that you can try at home with your reader

In this issue, Neshaminy SD Reading Specialist, Jennifer Gross, shares her expertise on fluency. Happy reading!


Kim Maurizi

Title I Reading Specialist

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Fluency: What is it?

Reading fluency refers to the ability to read words in text effortlessly and efficiently. Fluent reading includes several parts:

  • Accuracy is the ability to read each word correctly
  • Automaticity is the ability to identify words quickly and effortlessly
  • Rate is the speed maintained while reading
  • Prosody is reading aloud with proper intonation, phrasing and expression

Fluency: Why is it Important?

Spotlight on Fluency

Fluency is not an end in itself but a critical gateway to comprehension. Fluent reading frees cognitive resources to process the meaning of what is being read. (National Center on Improving Literacy) In other words, when a child does not have to work hard to decode words, it allows them to focus more on the content and information in the text.

Fluency Activities...

**You may print resources and materials from the below links. If you do not have access to a printer, please email your Title I Reading Specialist for a print copy of the desired resource. Reading specialist contacts can be found at the end of the newsletter. In the email, be sure to provide the name of the activity, your child’s name and grade.

Fluency can be developed and practiced in many ways. Here are several activities that have been found to be successful in building fluency. The first two activities focus on phrasing.

Parent & Family Engagement Support

We have a Title I Reading Specialist available at each building to assist parents with supporting their child’s academic progress between home and school. One of the roles of the Title I Reading Specialist is that of a coordinator who provides opportunities for parents to participate in workshops and activities that will greatly benefit students. Also, the Title I Reading Specialist organizes and conducts, planning meetings with parents and volunteering opportunities that will help influence academic success. For more information, please contact the Title I Reading Specialist at your student's school:

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