Career Spotlight: Healthcare

By Jonathan Vater

How Computers Are Used

The healthcare field may not be thought of as a computer-based field, but computers have a lot of importance that help make it what it is today. The advanced machinery that is used helps doctors look inside the body, detect diseases, and save lives. In the healthcare field, doctors and nurses work to help people recover from diseases, heal from injuries, and prevent diseases.

Working Conditions

Depending on what part of the wide-ranging healthcare field you work in, the conditions can be very different. Most workers in the healthcare field work inside in either a hospital or a doctor's office. Work in places such as the emergency room can be very stressful, so people who work there must be very good under pressure. However, people who work in a doctor's office who check on children and adults have much less stress most of the time. Regardless of your role, you must be very skilled and very knowledgeable of what you do, as a mistake could change a life.

Education Requirements

A proper education is extremely important in the healthcare field. What happens in the human body can be very complicated, so anyone who works in the healthcare field must have the proper education to ensure that they do their job correctly to make their patients better. The amount of required education depends on your position, but nearly all healthcare jobs require at least a four-year college degree. To become a doctor or a surgeon, you will need many more years of education. All doctors have an MD, which takes years to get.

Job Outlook

The healthcare field has a great job outlook. While it takes a lot of work to get the education requirements, once you have the education, there are many available jobs. As the population grows, so does the amount of sick and injured people, so as a result there must also be an increasing amount of workers in the healthcare field.