By John Amaning


Wind - Wind is the movement of sir from areas of high pressure to ares of low pressure. You can measure wind speed with an anemometer, a device that has three or four cups that spin spin on a pole. Wind is caused by differences in air pressure.

Local Winds = Sea Breeze and Land Breeze

Sea Breeze - Sea Breeze is a wind that blows from an ocean (sea) or lake towards land. A lake breeze is a local wind that blows from a lake. A sea breeze or lake breeze usually happens during the day.

Land Breeze - Land Breeze is a local wind that blows from the land over a lake or ocean. A land breeze usually a night.

Global Winds

Global Winds - Most of the time a global wind blows at the same speed and in the same direction. Some global winds blow high in the atmosphere. You cannot always feel them on the ground. Global Winds is one of the main groups of winds. Global winds are winds that blow steadily from specific directions over long distances.

Doldrums Winds - Doldrums are at the equator (0* latitude and they are very weak.

Horse Latitude - These winds are at 30* north and south latitude and are very weak.

Trade Winds - These winds lie in between 0* and 30* latitude and are very strong. Sailors used these winds to help them move their cargo to other countries to their goods!!

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