Food for Thought

Vol. 17

Oh so close.

Well, if you are like me, I am quite okay with last week ending. This week, we continue to test; but more importantly, we continue to grow and develop into the teachers our students need in this shifting educational culture.
Most of this week's links provide support with progress monitoring and the common core. I hope you learn from them, and I hope our students benefit from them. I know I did.

All: Progress Monitoring with Common Formative Assessments.

R/LA: Implementing a new curriculum (SpringBoard isn't new to us, but this is worth the watch.)

Math: A pattern is developing...Common Formative Assessments for Progress Monitoring

Social Studies: What type of question to engage students?

Science: Progress Monitoring with "Show Your Cards"

Art: Engaging students with a living museum

Music: Supporting the Common Core in Music

PE: Introducing learning objectives at the door.

School Culture: What is in a name?

Administration: Professional development is key to success