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June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month

Week of June 8, 2020

Enjoy Summer Hours and 4 Day Weeks.

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This newsletter will provide you with information on emotional, mental, physical and nutritional health. We will focus on how to help you be proactive about your health and well-being. The EWS Newsletter will also provide support & guidance resources that we hope will assist you in dealing with stressors and challenges.

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What is Alzheimer’s disease?

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Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive form of dementia. Dementia is a broader term for conditions caused by brain injuries or diseases that negatively affect memory, thinking, and behavior. These changes interfere with daily living.

Its symptoms come on gradually and the effects on the brain are degenerative, meaning they cause slow decline.

There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s but treatment can help slow the progression of the disease and may improve quality of life.

Anyone can get Alzheimer’s disease but certain people are at higher risk for it. This includes people over age 65 and those with a family history of the condition.

There’s no single expected outcome for people with Alzheimer’s. Some people live a long time with mild cognitive damage, while others experience a more rapid onset of symptoms and quicker disease progression. Each person’s journey with Alzheimer’s disease is different. Find out more details about how Alzheimer’s can affect people.

Source: HealthLine

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Summertime vacation - plan accordingly

When a vacation reduces stress – and when it doesn’t

The following articles may help you plan your vacation during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Positive vacations have a significant impact on our energy and stress. A positive, well-managed vacation can make you happier and less stressed, and you can return with more energy at work and with more meaning in your life. Most people return ready to work after coming back from a good trip, but what does Coronavirus mean for your summer vacation?

Check out the following articles:

How to safely go on summer vacation during the coronavirus era

Coronavirus: Traveling? Public Pools? Doctor weighs in on what will be safe to do this summer

How to make the most of summer vacation amid coronavirus

Keep Working Hard Until Your Break

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3 Steps to Maintaining Your Motivation Before a Vacation

Then go relax and have fun!

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IISD Employee Assistance Program

Cigna LAP

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