Personal Devices and Peripherals

by David Waldock, 10A

Portable Devices: what are they?

A portable device is a device that you can take with you anywhere. These include Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). A Notebook is smaller than a Laptop, but is more affordable and more portable. A Netbook is like a Notebook, but is smaller and has less memory space than a Notebook and A Laptop. A PDA is a handheld version od a Laptop, but can only be used to E-Mail people and chech a calender. These are the downgraded version of a smartphone today, such as an iPhone.

Peripherals: What are they?

A Peripheral is a device that is connected to a computer that expands the capabilities of a person who uses a computer. Peripherals have 2 different types of devices, input and output. Input devices send information into a computer, and examples include touch screen monitors, keyboards, computer mice and image scanners. Output devices are used to send information out of a computer. Outpus Peripherals include Speakers, Screens and printers.