ROCK Newsletter

February 5, 2016 Volume 6.22

It's going to be short winter according to the Groundhog!!


Congratulations to Laurie Wilder, ROCK Site Coordinator at Amy Parks, for being selected as the Diversity Award Winner for APHE 2016. We are proud of you, Laurie!

Payroll Cutoff is today, so please turn in your pay requests and any changes ASAP!

STAFF UPDATES: Rose Garrett, Instructional Assistant at Stevenson, left ROCK to work for her dad's new business. We wish her well. Macey Holleman has replaced her as the IA at Stevenson. Condolences to Kym Collichio in the passing away of her aunt this week.

Photos this week:

  • Valentine Art work from the Pullen ROCK Stars (Teresca Wenger, ROCK Art teacher)
  • Nebbie Rocker shows off his bubble from the Bubble gum Science project (Son of Leslie Kropp)
  • Dobbs ROCK Stars create beautiful art work
  • Nebbie ROCK Stars had a lot of fun learning about the Chinese New Year and Year of the Monkey

You guys, ROCK!


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February 5: Pay Roll Cut Off

February 15: President's Day, School Holiday/ ROCK PLUS

February 24; Early Release

March 3: SC Meeting - Time TBD

March 4: Pay roll Cut Off

March 7 - 11: Spring Break/ROCK PLUS

April 7: SC and Staff Meeting

April 8: Pay roll Cut Off

May 3: ROCK STAFF End of the Year party 7:00 p.m.

May 6: Pay roll Cut Off

June 3: Last day of School and ROCK

June 6: Mandatory Summer Staff Orientation

June 7: First day of I Spy Summer ROCK

Contact ROCK

Karen Hunter, ROCK Coordinator - 469-698-7140

Tracey King, Program Assistant - 469-698-7141

Leslie Kropp, Financial Secretary -469-698-7032

Jeanette Murrell, Lead Site Coordinator - 469-698-7035