What Does Being A Host Mean?

A host location is a business that has high speed internet that will allow WiFi-4-Free access to attach our safe & secure wifi network hardware to their internet modem.

Wifi-4-Free "Host" Requirements:

1- The business allows WiFi-4-Free free access the business's internet modem so that WiFi-4-Free can connect the wifi devices to the internet.

2- Allow WiFi-4-Free to install the device(s) in the most desired and agreed upon location at the business location to maximize the largest area(s) of people.

Benefits of being a WiFi-4-Free Host

WiFi-4-Free Host Program Agreement

"I agree to be a host location for WiFi-4-Free. I will let WiFi-4-Free connect their device(s) to our internet modem at no charge." "I will accommodate and assist as much as possible with requests for the installation of the devices." "I understand that all devices and hardware installed by WiFi-4-Free are the property of WiFi-4-Free." "I understand this is a (1) year agreement and will be in effect from date of signature and that either party can cancel with a (30) day notice in writing." "I understand that in return for being a host, WiFi-4-Free will provide at no cost 1- Hot Spot Branding, 2- Opt-In Branding 3- Business Listing at WiFi-4-Free.com" "I understand WiFi-4-Free is a proprietary, direct-response WiFi Marketing system, that incentivizes Users to engage by providing no-cost Wi-Fi that delivers geographically and behaviorally targeted advertisements and video infomercials from local, regional, and national brands."

(Please Print)

Name of Business: ___________________________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________State:_________Zip:_____________

Your Name:___________________________________________________________________

Your Title: ____________________________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________________________________

(To Be Filled In by Wifi-4-Free)

Serial Number(s) of device(s) installed: _________________________________________

Date device(s) installed: ___________________________________________________________

Installed by: _________________________________________________________________________


Contact: Roger Ketterman - Owner - WiFi-4-Free.com

226 Queen Regent Court, Blue Ridge, VA, United States