the histoy of computers

tim burners-lee

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  • Timothy John Berners Lee was born on 8 June 1955 in London
  • He also created the first web browser.
  • he mother is called marry lee woods
  • he father is called conyway burners-lee

first genertion of computer


Vacuum tube technology made possible to make electronic digital computers

Vacuum tubes were the only electronic component available during those days


The computers were very large in size

they were Very slow speed

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second generations of computer


Better speed and could calculate data in microseconds

The 2nd generation Computers were more reliable

Used less energy and were not heated


Cooling system was required

Only used for specific purposes

Puch cards were used for input.

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third generation of computer


Used fan for heat discharge to prevent damage

Good storage

Used mouse and keyboard for input


Air conditioning was required.

  • Highly sophisticated technology required for the manufacturing of IC chips
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    innputs and outputs

    • keyboards
    • moues
    • video camera
    • laptop
    • tablet
    • smartphone
    • computer
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    some exsample photos

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    a web cam is were you can video chat take picture online like on pizap you can video chat on oovoo Skype tango and others

    rasberry pi