Sammy Davis jr.

early years

Sammy was born in New York City on December 8, 1925. He started to perform as soon as he started to walk. Sammy Jr. became the Mastin Troupe's youngest member at age three. He danced so well that once, competing against older children, he won a silver cup and ten dollars. By the time he was eight years old he had appeared in two movies.

some facts

Sammy had 4 children and their names were Jeff Davis, Tracey Davis, Mark Davis, Manny Davis. In 1943, Davis joined the U.S. Army, where Sammy endured a constant battle with racism; upon his return from duty, the group was renamed the Will Mastin Trio. In 1958, Davis resumed his film career after a quarter-century layoff with Anna Lucasta, followed a year later by his acclaimed turn in Porgy and Bess.