The Christmas Truce Party

Come join us at our christmas Truce Party. The party is located at No Mans Land on December 25, 1914. This is a peaceful way to celebrate the holiday. Everybody is invited to the gathering, but your not allowed to show up late. The Party starts at 2:00A.M., hope to see you there.

The Christmas Truce Party

Friday, Dec. 25th 1914 at 2am

No Mans Land

2:00A.M.-5:00A.M. Exchanging Gifts

5:00A.M.-6:00A.M. Singing Carols

6:00A.M.-10:00A.M. Playing Soccer

10:00P.M. 1:00P.M Bonfire

1:00P.M. 2:00P.M. Telling Stories