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Feb. 8th - Feb. 12th


Dear Parent(s),

Good News! As with the most recent provincial changes in Covid19 restrictions we will be opening the playground for students use. Each cohort group have been scheduled to use the playground on a rotational basis throughout the day/week. Students will still be required to sanitize/wear masks upon entering the school after recesses.

Thank you to our Hot Lunch crew for the donation of pizza for our Pink, Red and White Day, Friday Feb. 12th.


Learning in ACTION

C.T.F. Lab

Engine work

Junior high students are working on small engine repair. Each student is required to tear down an engine and rebuild it....hopefully to working order.

Learning For a Sustainable Future

Mr. Black has registered his junior high students to take part in a youth forum on CLIMATE ACTION from Feb. 17th - April 8th. At LSF's Youth Forums, students are inspired to take action through keynotes and workshops delivered by local experts who are making change in their communities. They will leave empowered with innovative ideas, skills, and confidence to undertake their own projects. Niton Central will receive $400 to support the implementation of an action project.

G.Y.P.S.D. Good News Story - NITON CENTRAL FUTURE M.L.A.'s

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News from the G.Y.P.S.D. Learning Connection

Counselor's Corner

Token Economy

One of the ongoing trends I’ve seen as a school counselor over the years is that often parents struggle to motivate their children to complete tasks that they have deemed undesirable. These tasks include cleaning their rooms, studying for tests, helping out with dishes, and the list goes on. Frequently parents tell me they don’t know how to get their kids to be motivated and “pull their weight,” around the house. The thing is as adults we have the extrinsic motivation (we are driven by external rewards such as money, fame, grades, and praise) to help us push through and complete potentially boring or undesirable tasks. The most obvious motivator is getting paid for our jobs. Here’s the thing… kids have a hard time getting motivated to do these tasks because there aren’t extrinsic motivators to push them to want to do them! With that being said parents will often expect their children to have the intrinsic motivation (the capacity to be driven by internal rewards). This is nearly impossible for a child to have and can be due to the fact that the front lobe of their brain, the emotional and logical decision-making part of the brain, is not completely developed and won’t be until the age of 25! One tool that I suggest is called the token economy. The token economy refers to a task management system that can help with giving your child incentive to complete those tasks because let's be fair, we adults also don’t enjoy doing this like the dishes, cleaning, or homework and often need some sort of enticement to do them too! Attached is an outline of how you can implement this tool at home.


Feb. 12th - Red, Pink and White Day

Feb. 12th - Deadline for entering the "Name That Cutie" Contest

Feb. 26th - Mr. Getson MLA joining our gr. 5/6 class

Niton Central School Council Agenda