KF Special Edition Newsflash

March 17, 2015

Rainbows and Leprechauns!

Around this time of year some funny things tend to happen in room 120. After painting rainbows and listening to some leprechaun stories, we started seeing some tiny green glitter footsteps. Where did they come from? After we came back from gym yesterday to a very messy room, we knew we had to create a trap. Today we were rewarded with a pot of leprechaun gold! We also wrote our leprechaun stories soon to be a favorite class book.

Egg-citing News!

Farmer Chris from Quiver Farm visited today and taught us about chickens and how to care for our own baby chicks! Kindergarten will be the caretakers for a dozen chick eggs! We learned how the incubator keeps them warm and how we have to turn them 3 times a day. We look forward to seeing them hatch next Monday or Tuesday.

Important Note

I will be out the rest of this week (W-F). Mrs. Mills, an experienced and certified teacher will be here as my substitute. Please send any important and timely notes (especially dismissal instructions as always) via a note in your child's backpack-not by email. If you do email me I will get to back to you early next week. Our next Newsflash will be next Friday, March 27.

Writing Workshop

We continue our study of Donald Crews. We learned how to make our writing more interesting by adding sound words and creating feeling in our stories. We have been writing about our adventures and personal memories. We also chose our favorite Donald Crews book and wrote about it. Soon it will time for our third published work!

Sight words

Last week's words were: an, do, for. This week's words are: like, so, have

Coming up!

  • First day of spring!! March 20
  • Science night March 26
  • Spring pizza picnic and play party April 1
  • Raindate for pizza party April 2
  • No school April 3-10