The Contrasts of Texas

Made by: Madison Seiter and Briana Castillo

Did you know that geography can impact a way society lives?

Well it does. Geography impacts the way a society lives because without geography we would not have any clothes, food, land to live on, and natural resources to build shelters.

People modifying the enviornment

People modify the environment when we cut down trees, build farms, or do anything to change the enviornment. By modifying the ienviornment we meet all of our needs.
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People Move Everywhere

When people move it affects the Earth. Movement effects the geography of a land such as landmarks. When we move we leave the environment changed.

geographic diffrences in Native American's culture

The geographic differences reflected the Native American cultures manely in the physical life style for survival.Agricultural has big affect on this many tribes used crops and cattel for they're survival.

European exploration and colonization

The Native Americans were forced to live in reservations as the culture started to change. There were wars between the Native Americans and Europeans. The Europeans killed many Native Americans because they brought a disease with them called small pox. Slavery, cotton farming, cattle ranching, and other animals were introduced. Missionaries were built and there were more efficient farming techniques.