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Antrim Elementary School January 14, 2022

Dear AES Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful week and this newsletter finds you well. We are in the throws of winter weather, so I would like to remind everyone to send students to school dressed for the weather. We do spend a fair amount of time outside, so snow gear is a must.

This is a time of year that we see a bit of illness with students and staff. This has caused some staffing challenges, but we have a creative staff that works together to ensure that teaching and learning go on. The ConVal School District is providing the opportunity for rapid antigen tests in school. Nurse Mellon has been testing students and staff at AES. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity you will need to call Nurse Mellon for an appointment, and she will kindly help you through the process. Also, from now on, we will be sending emails about close-contact information instead of making phone calls.

Don't forget that Monday is a holiday - MLKJ Day, so school will resume on Tuesday January 18th.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm and healthy,


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Free Webinar for Parents

Click on the flyer below to register for a free webinar on Social Emotional Learning. You are invited to this free event. Join a panel of experts to learn how parents and teachers can work together to develop, nurture, and support the social and emotional well-being of children of all ages. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Looking for a job? Join our Team!

We are in need of substitute teachers. Please click here for the application.
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First Graders Rock!

The weather outside was frightful this week, but the first graders had a great time together during recess time. These children collaborated to create art and complete puzzles during our indoor recess and did a fantastic job showing our Eagle Values of kindness, cooperation and grit! Way to go, first graders!
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We Love Our Birds!

This week, our first-graders hung up pinecone birdseed feeders we made to help small woodland friends. The children are so excited to be learning about animals in winter! We are sharing what we know and eagerly looking for information in non-fiction books and stories to build that knowledge. We're enjoying articles, videos, and projects from Scholastic News and Mystery Science that help us understand even more. We're hoping to see signs of animals around our schoolyard and backyards as the winter goes on!

Grades 3 & 4 Are Problem Solvers feathered friends have been enticed by our classroom feeding stations. Our only visitor (that was seen) was a chubby and happy squirrel. Not to be discouraged Mrs. Hill's class and Mrs. Moore's class are investigating the question: How can we attract more (or any) birds to our feeders? We learned that even in the cold New Hampshire winter birds can be picky. Certain birds like certain food, and have certain ways they like to eat it. Our feeding stations had the right food, but were not in the right type of feeders for our local birds. We are now designing and building prototype feeders based on our learning. Cross your fingers for us!

Measuring is Fun!

Last week, the Kindergarteners in Ms. Lawler's class have been busy doing lots of measuring! We've been learning words like "longer than, shorter than and taller than" to compare two objects. Pairs of students used different length towers of linking cubes to go on a scavenger hunt in the classroom to find things that were as long as varying length towers. We found that our dice were one cube long, a crayon was four cubes long, and a nametag was five cubes long. We've had a lot of fun learning how to measure and are excited to continue exploring length.

Learning Never Stops - by Mr. Stultz

As life-long learners we are always trying to find the next best thing. It could be a new car, a new kitchen appliance, or a new cellphone. In schools, we experience the same thing. A new way to solve a math problem, a new way to sort and shelve library books, or a new way to reach our educational goals. It’s all just part of the educational pendulum trying to find the sweet spot.

Ultimately, it’s simple. Our job as a society, school, family, and even our own personal self is to be a life-long learner. Contrary to many beliefs, education doesn’t happen by teaching to children. It happens by teaching with children. We learn from each other through self-reflection, self-discovery, and developing an understanding in which each and every member of our community brings something valuable to the table. Without a doubt, children learn more from their peers than any one person alone. A peer grouping offers a number of learning styles and ideas, helping each child or adult explore their own best avenue or path to becoming an expert life-long learner.

The Library/Learning Commons lends itself to this concept. I am fortunate to be part of this learning community. Through peer discussion and open conversation, Mrs. Sullivan’s 2nd grade class identified areas they want to improve. They came up with 2 targeted goals, self-control, and becoming more proficient with our double facts.

With a putting green at our disposal, we came up with a game. There were votes, a few disappointments, and a lot of great ideas. These amazing 2nd graders used flexible thinking strategies and came up with a terrific way to take some steps towards their goals. Now, we just need a name for the game.


The AES PTO is hosting a free Ice Fishing day on Saturday, February 5th at Gregg Lake from 9 am to 1 pm. This is a fun and educational way to spend a winter day as it is led by New Hampshire Fish and Game. Spaces are limited and preregistration is required (please see information on how to do this below). Hope to see you there!

1. Visit this link

2. Enter in Event Passcode: gregglake

3. Click on “Create New Account” if you need to create one. If you have signed up for any educational NHFG programming in the past, your login information will remain the same.

4. Register all participants that are set to attend. This allows us to confirm bait, tackle and gear needs. Once registered, you are also exempt from holding a fishing license during the program.

Muzart News

Grade 4 artists created house weavings in Muzart.

Also, they designed these amazing Woodland Creatures inspired by Mexican artist, Indi Maverick. Our wonderful Guest Teachers, Mrs. Nugent and Mrs. Naglie, started the project and they finished in Muzart with Mrs Storro. They will be on display at the Antrim Town Library!

Coming soon…Square One Art Fundraiser!