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Mr. Juan Rosado - From bankruptcy, with only high school education and working as security guard to a MULTIMILLIONAIRE

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Hi, my name is Luis and I am very pleased to share with you a little of my story.

After working as Chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for about 5 years, in late 2007 I was fired from a multinational corporation for "reduction of personnel". Then in 2009, my wife also gets fired from her job. At that time, with our baby just 3 months, we immerse in great frustration.

Today millions worldwide are experiencing similar situations. I discovered that we are under a "SYSTEM" that keeps families in the world with financial and time limitations. Personal Freedom has been deprived from us in a very subtle way.

Then I met the International Networkers Team. This team has guided for more than a decade, thousands of people in over 50 countries to be Professionals in the 21st Century and generate income from HOME.

In five years this global organization has helped us gain financial independence through a business that has expanded into 7 countries.

International Networkers Team Now have more than 500,000 members around the world!!

We Invite you to explore our Team; International Networkers Team. You also can learn from our step by step System that will help you develop you own Home Business and to be part of the new generation of Entrepreneurs of the XXI Century!

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