Somatomax HGH: I Stopped Using It

Somatomax Review: Is It The Best HGH Supplement?

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Why I Stopped Using Somatomax HGH

Hey All

I recently decided to switch my HGH supplement from Somatomax to GenF20 Plus. As of now (about 6 months) this appears to be a much better product.

A while back i was talking with a good friend of mine who just started taking GenF20 Plus and his results seem to be much better then the results i was getting from Somatomax. So when my supply ran out i decided to switch...So far its a better product IMO. Learn more about it HERE

Noticing some nice improvements. I personally think i look a bit younger ( hope my wife does It has really seemed to help my lower back pain that I've been dealing with for the last 20 years or so...Hoping it just keeps getting better each day!

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About Somatomax

Somatomax isn’t really your cup of tea when it comes to HGH-enhancing supplements.

You see, Somatomax performs a function rarely performed by other HGH supplements – namely, the promotion of healthy sleeping habits.

With this being its primary function, Somatomax is only viewed as a quasi-HGH supplement because it does perform the secondary function of helping to secrete higher levels of HGH from the pituitary gland.

On top of its primary purpose and its secondary function, Somatomax doesn’t stop there and also claims to offer several other benefits for its users.

In this review, we’ll take a look at everything Somatomax claims to do, check out its ingredients list, and ultimately try to decide whether or not its worth your time and money.

Its Functions

We’ve already mentioned the fact that Somatomax claims to promote deep and restful sleep, and the higher production of HGH levels. What we haven’t mentioned is its ability to also act as both a mood and sex enhancer.

Supposedly, Somatomax achieves both of these functions because of its ability to engineer high levels of dopamine secretion in the brain. The more dopamine is secreted, the better you’ll feel from an emotional and mental standpoint.

Again, these two benefits aren’t always associated with HGH supplements, making Somatomax’s 4-in-1 combination tough to beat if it truly follows through on all its promises.

That brings us to the question…is Somatomax good at everything it does, or just average at everything it does? Is there too much on its plate, or is it macho enough to handle being a multidimensional supplement?

It may be tough to answer this question without trying Somatomax for yourself. But one way to get a decent read on its quality is by taking a look at the ingredients it contains.

Inside the Package

The effectiveness of a diet pill or dietary supplement always stems from its blend of ingredients. The better and more credible the ingredients, the more trusting you should be in terms of its effectiveness (and safety).

That being said, we may as well go over several of the key ingredients found in Somatomax, including:

Moomiyo Extract – The perfect HGH-enhancing ingreident, Moomiyo has an incredible ability to prevent various age-related hormone disorders from occurring. On top of rare trait, this extract also serves as an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can reduce ailments such as severe joint pain and things of that nature.

GABA – One of, if not THE key ingredient found in Somatomax, GABA is known for its “sleep-inducing” properties which promote the restful and deep sleeping habits that Somatomax promises. GABA is able to accomplish this responsibility by regulating various neurological activities which occur, ensuring their proper transmissions.

L-Dopa Bean Extract – Like Moomiyo extract, you’ll also find this extract in a number of HGH supplements. L-Dopa Bean has proven more than capable in its ability to stimulate higher amounts of natural HGH secretion in our systems.

L-Arginine – Tasked with various jobs that promote the growth and maturation of our bodies, L-Arginine has also become another popular HGH ingredient Its abilities include the regulation and enhancement of muscle growth, protein synthesis, and cell replication.

Glycine – Lastly, we find another ingredient in Glycine which helps to optimize the functions and capabilities of our brain. Specifically, Glycine is responsible for the regulation of various neurons which control our memory and cognitive skills.

From this list, you should be able to tell that most of the ingredients found in

Somatomax are either HGH-specific, or have to deal with the promotion of neurological activity.

In this sense, it’s quite obvious that Somatomax has the potential to fulfill its duties of increasing HGH production and the promotion of healthier sleeping patterns.

Safety Concerns?

We should also mention the fact that most, if not all, of the ingredients found in Somatomax are all-natural and designed under “strict” conditions and standards.

This definitely helps to bump up its safety rating, but don’t think that you’re completely out of the woods just yet with Somatomax.

Like we said previously, Somatomax acts as a mood and sex enhancer because of its ability to increase dopamine levels found in the brain. This is wonderful and all, but it there is one downside to the creation of dopamine – excessive levels can lead to nausea and headaches.

Coincidentally, the most common side effects tied to Somatomax are headaches and nausea. If you’re interested in purchasing Somatomax, you’ll want to take this into consideration – especially if you know you’re prone to bouts of nausea and/or have problems with headaches.

Is It Worth it?

As we promised, we’ll give you our final verdict on this product. Unlike most products where it’s pretty straightforward and easy to determine whether it’s dependable or not, Somatomax is a bit more mystifying of a case.

We like its properties, its ingredients, and its multi-functional nature, but still continue to worry that it’s not actually capable of all that it promises.

That said, there is risk involved with Somatomax, but it’s a risk that you’d be justified in taking if you truly feel that this is the product fit for your needs.