(Oil Conservation Awarness Society)

By : Anderson Kim and Corey Sparrow

Our Goal:

Our goal is to conserve oil as much as possible. We want to rebuild our country so we are not so dependent on oil and so we can find other means of fuel.

Taking Action:

Step 1: Foundation

First we will conduct thorough oil searches so we have enough stored away to support us in the future. This will insure long-time storage of our country's oil. This will be the start of our long journey.
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Step 2: Independence

Next we will cut off our oil trade agreements with other countries. If we accomplish this goal we will be able to limit our oil usage to just our country. It will also reduce our dependency on other countries. If this all works out we will be forced to cut down on our oil usage. It will force us to be cautious with our oil because we won't want to run out.
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Step 3: A New Creation

Many companies create cars that use electricity run them. We want to create a car that will only enable families to put gas inside it once a week. This will force families to manage their miles and only take their cars where they really need to. (for example the grocery store, the mall, ect.) By managing this plan families will have to save oil by making a mile plan. If it all works out families will save oil and money. (if long distances need to be traveled families will have to take a plane.) If people happen to not travel anywhere drastic in one week, they can save they gas they bought and when they pump their car the next week, they will have double the oil.
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Step 4: Reconstruction

Our next step will be to rebuild all oil conservation center/ oil storage departments so that we will have less oil spills. This is a crucial part in our conservation because in our country, oil spills is a major factor in the loss of oil. When our rebuilding is done we hope that oil spills will take a major decline and that our oil conservation will increase. This will also help the environment because when oil spills it pollutes the area and infects the soil with its pollutants. This could help make the air more breathable and save the lives of many animals all while conserving oil.
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Step 5: Air and Water

Our next step will be to work with boating and airline companies to create a more efficient means of fuel. By creating a whole new substance we can save oil. Airline and boating companies are major contributors in oil loss. By completing this goal we can save tons of oil and in the process create better bushiness for these companies.

Step 6: Hollywood

Our next step will be to work with t.v companies to promote our company in their commercials. If we can spread our message around the world, more people will be enthusiastic about saving oil. A constant pattern of commercials will cause people to wan to take action and in doing this our company will be successful.
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Step 7:

Our final step will be to contact the president. We want him to make a PSA about our organization. If we can get him to do this, people around the world will understand the importance of saving oil. If they won't believe us, they will believe him. This is one of the most crucial parts of our foundation's progress.
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Written Statement

Our organization is the Oil Conservation of Awareness Society or OCAS. Our main goal is to save oil, and conserve it for the future. By doing this we can create more independence in our country. We want to promote an environmentally safe lifestyle, So we will have more oil to use, and not run out of it all. We also want to try and find oil supplies so we aren’t so dependent on oil from foreign countries. If we continue to purchase oil from other countries then we will keep losing money, and our debt is going to rise. We are inventing other things to make us save more oil.

We are making cars to save oil, and you’ll only be able to get gas every week. So the point of it is to save oil, so you don’t run out and end up stuck on the highway. We will also rebuild oil conservation buildings, because then there will be less spills. If we repair the conservation areas, then we would save oil from spilling. That would help us have more oil to conserve for the future. This will increase our storage of oil, since we won’t be losing any oil from spills.

We will work with boating and airplane companies to make a more efficient fuel. Which would mean we would have to make up a new substance. Airplane and boating take a lot of oil, which causes them to be major oil losers. Then we will speak with T.V. companies to spread the word of our oil conservation society. That will make our company more recognized. We hope to overall promote oil saving and make the world a better place. We want to conserve oil for as long as possible.