Sixth Grade Newsletter

January 31, 2016

Dear Parents,

The new safety doors at school are installed and operational now. We are happy to have this extra level of security for our students.


We are on track to finish reading Jason's Gold this week. Students will also be taking notes for their research projects. By the end of the week, we should have a collection of notes and begin organizing them.

Social Studies

We have been reading and learning about the geography of Africa in our Studies Weekly Newspaper. Thanks again to the PTO for supporting this valuable resource.

We enjoyed the Geography Bee Finals!

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This week, students will continue working with measures of central tendency. They will also be learning about measures of variation. This includes maximum, minimum, range, and finding quartiles, the interquartile range and outliers.


We have been reviewing the states of matter, the parts of an atom and how it applies to the Periodic Table.
Students have a quiz Wednesday February 3, 2016 over these concepts.


There is no school for students on Friday, February 12. Teachers will be involved in professional development activities.


Mrs. Pott's Class: Library/Tech

Mr. Hopkins' Class: Art


The Sixth Grade Team

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