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Advice Column

CAROLYN HAX: Can't Have Both

Dear Carolyn:

Since Alex showed up he has not talked to me or even looked at me. Me and Julian are breaking farther apart from each other. I don't know what to do. I need them both. What do I do?

-Broken Girlfriend-

Dear Broken Girlfriend:

You can't have both. You know that old saying if you love it set it free and if it loves you it will come back. Well if you love them set them free and the one that comes back loves you. Also remember Alex is your ex-boyfriend and Julian is your boyfriend now. So focus on Julian. Don't let Alex get in between you two. Remember don't give up on the ones you love. Follow you heart, go where it takes you.


For Sale

A high quantity squirrel trap. Great at catching squirrels. It is only $35 to buy. Buy it now at you local safe house.

Requiem: Coming Christmas

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Lena (Isabelle Furman) has been in the wilds for years now. She and Julian (Liam Hemsworth) have not been hitting it off like they wanted. What will happen when Coral (Hayden Panettiere) shows up and gets with Alex? Meanwhile back in the city Hana (Amanda Seyfried), now cured, is getting ready to be marred her match, Fred (Brenton Thwaites). Fred, now the major, has been a wonderful companion but, will a past relationship ruin there relationship? What will happen to Hana and Lena? Find out in Requiem.

Sympathizers wanted

The invalids need sympathizers. They need them to help be there eyes inside Portland. If you are interested please contact the wild report. The person in charge will be kept secret at all times.


The Zombies are attacking!

There has been reports of murders and raids on invalids camps. Bulldog, Pippa and a few others have seen the Regulators that are attacking. They have seen the after mass and are ready to take action. The Regulaters are damming rivers so we don't get water, they want to get rid of us. They have the weapons but so do we. we must take Zombie land Together we can TAKE DOWN THE WALL!!

Published by: Madison Lingerfelt