Get Inspired by Mr Chin Wei Xun!!!

ASC 2014 Multech H.O.D

Journey in UMAC

Chin Wei Xun from Johor started his journey in UMAC since he joined MASC 2014 when he was a first year student. He has also joined I-Week 2014 and ASC 2014 throughout his second year in the UMAC. He joined as a multech member and also head of department in the majority of these events due to the passion and experience he owned.


He recommended all the juniors to join UMAC events to know the different exposure that we couldn’t get from other activities. He himself also joined UMAC because he wanted to get exposed to the difference too when he was a first year student. Once he joined, he understand UMAC style of organising events is totally different from others and has given him a great exposure. UMAC emphasis on the building of a good long term network with the corporate world and is well-organised compared to the others.

What he gained from Multech?

From Multech Department, he learnt how to make videos, how to manage PA system and also upgraded his photo shooting skills. In a team, all the members are required to share with each other about the ideas of producing a good video. Besides, he has also gained the ability to handle emergency cases such as running out of battery and the absence of electricity.

As a head of department, he learnt how to distribute jobs evenly to his members and also tried his best to teach his members all his knowledge and experience to them within a limited time. He has been like a candle burning himself just to enlighten his members in hope that they can gain plenty of skills from him.

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Once I do, I will do the best out of it. Or else, I won’t do it!

He didn’t regret of joining Multech Department. However, he felt a bit of unfortunate for not joining other department to gain a different kind of knowledge because of time constraints. Mr Wei Xun is indeed a passionate guy in gaining knowledge and experience! “Once I do, I will do the best out of it. Or else, I won’t do it.” This is Mr Wei Xun’s personal quote. He loves to go beyond the limits and do something different from the others. In I-Week 2014, his Multech team has successfully produced a 3D effect video which has impressed all the junior members during that year.

Where comes his inspirations in making videos?

Whenever he is required to produce a video, he will look through the entire related theme videos on YouTube to help him brainstorm an excellent idea of a brand new video. After that, he will discuss among his senior members and distribute the jobs to all his members.

Throughout his journey in UMAC:

A piece of advise

Last but not least, he advised upcoming junior members to join UMAC once in their life in UM. This is because in the UMAC, it provides you different exposure, the chance to interact with your future employees as well as improve your communication skills before you embark on a working journey.