Air Pollution and Health

By: Nathaniel Keninger


The main cause of air pollution is from the burning of fossil fuels. Among these one of the most common pollutants are traffic emissions. Traffic emissions include things such as car exhaust. These emissions as well as other air pollutants cause things such as smog and acid rain which can be very harmful.

Harm to Health

The WHO estimates that around 8 million people die from causes associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution. Dr. Jonathan Newman, a cardiologist at NYU's Langone Medical Center in New York City, said, "Our study adds to the growing body of evidence that air pollution is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease,". The CDC also has evidence that exposure to large amounts of vehicle exhaust can lead to health defects such as asthma symptoms, worse lung functions, childhood cancer, etc.

How We Can Help

One of the main causes of air pollution is vehicle exhaust, so we could use healthier means of transportation such as electric or hybrid cars. Mabye ride a bike instead of driving if your destination is close enough, or carpool with somebody to save gas and cause less emissions. Yet while not all causes of air pollution can be stopped, we can start cleaning the air by lessening the effects of those we can.
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