HOORAY! J months are OVER!!!

As we all have seen, the months starting with the letter J can be pretty slow for us. Next year I will be better prepared and will coach you all to a super successful summer! All I can say is, "It's Over Now!" and I couldn't be happier to move on to our next season of business! August is here to bring fresh life back into our businesses! It's time for Back To School, preparing for Fall, and believe it or not, we're going to start thinking about CHRISTMAS.

June and July are notorious for being slow months for direct sales, but now that they are over, let's ROCK OUT this month and get our businesses back on track! Here's the little shot of adrenaline to get things moving!



Here's a little contest I've set up for you all. You can earn points by doing just a little "extra" in your business and can earn some exciting prizes! Listed below are the tasks and the point values associated with them. This incentive is JUST for my direct designers, so no chatter about it on our main Team Bling page! (thx!)

  1. Sign up 2 DIWs. Please send me their codes and the the date they signed up. (5 pts)
  2. Hold at least 3 Jewelry Bars with sales of at least $250 each. (5 pts)
  3. For every additional Jewelry Bar over 3 with sales of $250+, earn an additional 2 points each. (2 pts each)
  4. Take a photo of your FedEx delivery person with an Origami Owl box! (4 pts)
  5. Earn $500 PV in August (5 pts)
  6. Promote to Leading Designer (5 pts)
  7. Promote to Team Leader or above (10 pts)
  8. Attend my conference call (6 pts)
  9. Hold a Booking Blitz: Call 20 friends or family and ask them for orders or parties. (5 pts)
  10. Earn $750 PV for the month of August (7 pts)
  11. Hold a monthly incentive for your own team in August (5 pts)
  12. Get your first new designer (5 pts)
  13. Do an act of charity and Be a Force for Good! Share with the team. (5 pts)


4 to 10 Points - Earn an Origami Owl Superstar Charm! (CH9008)

11 to 20 Points - Earn an a set of Thank You notes and a Superstar Charm!

21 to 30 Points - Earn an Origami Owl Business Card Holder, a set of Thank You notes, and a Superstar Charm!

30+ Points - Earn an Origami Owl Toiletry/Supplies Bag, a Business Card Holder, a set of Thank You notes, and a Superstar Charm! AND be entered in a drawing for one lucky winner to receive an Origami Owl Polka Dot Jewelry Bag!

Please have your totals and proof to me no later than September 2nd. Feel free to post the photos of you and the FedEx delivery person and to share your Force For Good acts of kindness on our Team Bling Facebook page!!

Thank you for all you do! Here's to an OWLSOME August!