Mid-Autumn Festival #ChurpOut

A Community Event specially for ChurpChurp's Alphas

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon!

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and we thought it couldn't be a better time to have a gathering. So, here's another #ChurpOut just for you, Alpha!

We've got dinner prepared for you, as well as a moon cake tasting and tea appreciation session, so do come with an empty stomach! Lanterns and Sparklers will also be prepared for you ;)

See you then!

Mid-Autumn Festival

Friday, Sep. 13th 2013 at 6pm

38 Kinta Rd




6-7.30pm: Dinner

7.30-8.30pm: Moon Cake Tasting and Tea Appreciation

8.30-10pm: Free to mingle around or play with Lanterns, Candles and Sparklers