Become an animator, concept artist, or a visual developer!

Career Information

Being an animator requires strong artistic skills and the ability to adapt to your surroundings. Often when people think of animators they see talented artists that create cartoons, movies, or films. Many animators work in these areas, but many are creating/designing graphics for a variety of projects. This could include websites and video games.

Costs + Colleges

The average animator in the US gets approximately $51,000 a year. CalArts (California Institute of the Arts in Valencia) is ranked number one for best college for animation. RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) is ranked second. The tuition fee for CalArts changes every year, but for full-time enrollment for 2015-2016 the cost is $43,400. The tuition fee for RISD is $44,594 for 2014-2015.



How long is the animation process?
- It depends. The process has gotten shorter over the years due to technology. Ever since
The Princess and the Frog was released, Disney shut down their traditional animation studios. Now Disney only uses CG animation which takes only a few years.

What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?
- The most obvious difference between them is the three dimensional characteristics
or appearance in depth. 2D is created by hand drawing and painting each frame and background, and 3D is created by changing positions and poses of already created 3D models.

What do Visual Development artists do?

- Visual Development artists help create backgrounds, colors, lighting, environments,
and elaborate details that make the movie feel more real than it is. Lately, the industry has not been giving Visual Development artists the credit they deserve, and has been confused often with animation when they are very different fields of work.
Over the Garden Wall - Highwayman Animation Process
Tangled animation process
This is a basic representation of the animation process (shown above).