Arnold Gesell

Ari kimble, Liaa Akbar

Background information

Gesell was born in Alma, Wisconsin. He was the eldest of five children and the son of photographer Gerhard Gesell and schoolteacher Christine Giesen. His first experience in observing child development involved watching his younger siblings learn and grow. This is what led him to theorize about children.

Theory/stages explanation

  • He is a cognitive theorist
  • By carefully observing children in his campus school, Gesell established norms or typical behaviors of children throughout childhood
  • The ten categories were, Motor characteristics, Personal hygiene, Emotional expression, Fears and dreams,Self and sex, Interpersonal relations, Play and pastimes, School life, Ethical sense, and Philosophic outlook.
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Real Life Example Of The Theory

Although all children cycle through the same stages or sequences of growth, they don't enter the stages at the same time. Each child has its own unique pace.