Emperor Penguins

Empereor Penguins

Emperor Penguins as adults normly have a black back and fins , and they have a white stomach ,yellow neck , and a bit of orange on the neck as well. They have a very long beek and they almost have feet that look like platipus feet .Emperor Penguins have a 0very fluffy coat of black and white. Baby Emeror Penguins have a very different apperance such as they are black on the bottom near the feet as they are white and grey up the top near their eyes that are black.if you are close to them you might get the defening sound that they make.

The Emperor Penguins diet is very different to other animals because they almost feed for about 3 months straight they mosly feed on fish , krill , and squid. They mostly find the fish near the surface. The male Emperor Penguin when it is thirsty they eat the snow to lower their thirst and can dive for about 500 metres to find food .their predators are mostly sea lions and sometimes the massive birds that like to eat the baby Emperor Penguins.

While the mother Emperor Penguin is out looking for food for the new born that is going to hatch soon the male Emperor Penguin sits on the egg for about a month . Once the Penguin has hatched the male and Emperor Penguin leaves the chick for a couple of hours while he goes and hunts for food a .He does this because the males starve for about 125 days also don't eat because they can't leave the chicks sight. Also the mother Emperor Penguin if her chick does not make it through the birth she will attempt to take or steal another mothers baby (chick) . The chick once is hatched the chick walks or steps on their mothers feet until they can walk.

The Emperor Penguin lives in Antarctica and spends three months in the water and then they spend the other three months on land walking 70miles to find breeding ground . The Emperor Penguin can walk through winds at 100km per hour it is -58 when the sun is out. They can also can dive to 500 metres below water and can hold breath for 15 minutes maximum . If the mother is late to come back from hunting all the males will huddle to keep warm and also to protect them selves from the fierce winds . When they all huddle they take turns off being on the outside so the Penguins on the middle can keep warm. When the mother gets back from hunting and they are tired of walking they slide on their stomachs on the ice to give their feet a rest .

Emperor Penguin

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