Smoke and CROAK

Just say no to smoking and chewing tobacco!

Deadly Diseases

  • Leukoplakia, a deadly disease can be developed when consuming (or chewing) chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco can cause pre-cancerous mouth sores which can lead to mouth cancer.

  • Smoking can cause Atherosclerosis, a deadly disease in which causes hardening of your arteries and can lead to stroke or heart attack.

  • Smoking can also cause Bronchitis, a disease in which bronchi swell and breathing tubes in the lungs swell. Bronchitis can cause coughing and soreness.

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Life Threatening Poisons in a Cigarette

  • Acetone: nail polish remover
  • Ammonia:household cleaner
  • Arsenic: used in rat poison and in bullets
  • Butane: gas; used in lighter fluid
  • Carbon monoxide: a deadly odorless,colorless gas
  • Cadmium: used in batteries
  • Cresol: used in making bombs
  • Cyanide: a deadly poison; used in making bombs
  • DDT: a banned insecticide
  • Lead: heavy metal; used to make other pipes; poisonous in high doses
  • Formaldehyde: used to preserve dead bodies
  • Polonium:radioactive;deadly
  • Vinyl Chloride: used in making PVC pipes; known to cause cancer

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Deadly Addiction

  • The Nicotine in a cigarette hooks a person to ciggarettes.
  • After you are smoking for a long amount of time it is very difficult to quit because of all the Nicotine you have consumed.
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Changing Apperience

  • Smoking can change your teeth from pearly white to a deep ugly yellow.

  • Before smoking you can look beautiful and youthful but after smoking you can look way older then you really are!!! In the picture of the young man, before and after, to the left of the picture is after and the right is before. After smoking he does not look attractive, he has acne all over, and he looks 2 times his age.

Before and After Smoking

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Smoking Pollutes

  • Smoking can damage the enviorment, it allows deadly chemicals to get in the air that we breathe.Smoking will provide us with an unhealthy and poisonous polluted air.
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