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  • What is finance about?
  • Focus of the month!
  • NorLDS invoices and reimbursements
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Winner of the month?
  • 1st overview from finance visits
  • Chill Co
  • Actual Compendium and Constitution
  • MC internal auditor announcement
  • Learning materials
  • Greetings from MC

What is finance about?

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Focus of this month

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NorLDS invoices and reimbursements


1. Please, check the sheet with delegates and fees. Please, check if the allocation of your delegation is correct and confirm it to me. You know, mistake can always happen.

2. Pay the invoice you have received if you didn't have any comments. And invoice your members separately according your LC rules and agreements.

I just sent out an email to all the delegates regarding an EVS survey they have to make for the final report of EVS. They need to fill in the survey within one week, please make sure that they fill it. OTHERWISE you won't get the travel costs reimbursement!

Le Bui




Johanna Maria


Syed Arsalan


Marika Elina

Hastam Ashraf











Why not to recommend each other on LinkedIn?

Use the advantage of network we have.

Recommend me and I will recommend you back.

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Winner of the month

1st output from the finance visit

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MC Internal auditor 16/17 - announcement

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Learning materials

AIESEC in Finland Learning hub:

FLB EDU WEEK sessions - already working!!

Monday - Role of VPF -
Tuesday - Entity health model -
Wednesday - Basic of accounting -
Thursday - How to manage cashflow -
Friday - International membership criteria -ttp://

Finance and Legal Board - youtube channel:

AIESEC international Learning hub:

Tutorials about Wave:

How to add payment:

Creating a first invoice:

Creating a first bill:

Recommended websites about accounting:,

Greeting from transition - travelling to Tampere

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i am here for you... if you need help...let me know... if you do not understand... let me know... if anything... let me know ;-)

NST team

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