Froggy News

November 16, 2014

Upcoming Events

Monday, Nov. 17

-Picture retakes

Tuesday, Nov. 18

-Math test

Wednesday, Nov. 19

-Comfy Cozy Day-Bring in a $1.00 and wear PJ's.

Thursday, Nov. 20

-Science Test

-Parent Evening Conferences-see Sign Up Genius for the schedule

Monday, Nov. 24

-Parent Conferences

Nov. 24-28

-No School; Parent conferences and Thanksgiving Holiday



This week we will be reading the story My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt.

We will also be focusing on the following:

  • compound words
  • using connections to make sense
  • point of view
  • readers make unique text to self connections
  • identify when a connection isn't helpful
  • facts and events
  • digging deep to make connection


We will be taking the Unit 3 Math test on Tuesday. Corresponding math journal pages, math boxes, and Home Link examples are referenced for your review. Please also refer to the information provided on using your child’s login.

These are the skills we will be working on:

  • Skip counting by 5s and 10s (for example: count by 5s starting at 60, count by 10s starting at 140)
  • Number line sequences (for example: fill in missing numbers from 96 through 110)
  • Frames and Arrows diagrams with 2 rules (pages 69, 70, HL 3.6)
  • Addition number stories with money (pages 54 box 5, 68 box 5, 78 box 6)
  • Single coin values (P,N,D,Q, HD)
  • Coin exchanges (pages 55 Spinning For Money Game, 57 making another way, HL 3.2)
  • Making coin combinations for given amounts (pages 57 making one way, 76 #1, 77 #3, 74 box 2, HLs 3.2 and 3.7)
  • Finding values of coin combinations (pages 60 box 4, 68 box 2, 72 box 1, 78 box 1)
  • Showing and telling time to the half-hour (pages 58 box 1, 59, 64 box 1, HL 3.3)


This week in writing we will be reading the story The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. We will be talking about persuasive writing and how the bird in the story is trying to persuade the pigeon to give him a hot dog. We are going to use the pigeon idea from the story and pretend that Tom the turkey is dressed like a pigeon so that he won't be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Next we will be making a list of reasons why Tom the turkey thinks it's better to eat a hot dog than a turkey for Thanksgiving. The children will be learning to give persuasive arguments.

Social Studies

We will be learning about Native American homes this week and creating wigwams out of paper bags. Please send in a paper bag on Tuesday.


We had such a great time on Friday building our instruments!! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the following parent volunteers: Mrs. Testani, Mrs. Dooley, Mrs. Keyser, Mrs. Bittar and Ms. Swaney. We couldn't have done it without you!!!

Our sound test will be this Thursday. I have attached a review sheet.


In spelling we are on Sort 15. We will be learning about long o patterns. Be sure to go to Spelling City web site and look for Sort 15 for this weeks words



Study for Unit 3 test

Spelling page 3


Extra Math

Spelling page 4


Study for Science test

Spelling page 5


Study for spelling test

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Peter Pan Came to Gayman!

The CB East Patriot's Player's came to Gayman-This is my daughter, Rachel, dressed as a Lost Boy and the class. The show looks amazing! It was really nice to see her and the kids loved the sneak preview.