Africa's Sherekere

Africa's Musical Influences, By Elizabeth Say

What is the Shekere?

The shekere is one of the most famous African shakers. Sound is produced byheavy shaking or hard slamming against your hands. This instrument is made of closley woven beads, often mutiple colors, that form a net placed around a gourd. A gourd is a fleshly, tropical large fruit with a hard skin.

In which type of music is the shekere used?

The shekere is a unique instrument native to Africa. It is used throughout Africa and is called many different names. Some names of the shekere are the lilolo, axaste, and chequere. The instument is heard in Afro-Caribbean, Jazz, Salsa, and other popular music.

Some Shekere Players

How to PLay the Shekere

How to Play the Shekere | African Drums